trolls den pathfinder

Thorn Day 2

3 years after getting started: Soo, fought a gargoyle, found a chest, KC got mad, found a treasure room took it all, and now I’m facing down slavers with very powerful magic: How do I get myself into these situations? Oh and KC found an aging potion. He aged 300 years, can now go into human form, is a cute little bugger, but has a lot to learn about morals. I should explore ALL his tunnels. Hes also taken to calling me mommy, yeah, thats not gonna raise any questions at all.

Thorn, Day 1

So, mum sends me to the legit middle of nowhere and I’m already off to a great start. I’m the head of the Thieve’s Guild after all. After almost killing a necromancer, who had raised to life 6 zombies (which we killed, though Seth was next to useless; we’d of been dead had it not been for my archery skills and the help of two strangers,) one of which was my birth dad (curse her,) and meeting two new people, one of which knows my mentor (apparently, they did some ‘work’ together,) I told the bar tender he is dead to me. I had called for help and he was too busy counting money. My mentor took awhile coming, but he locked himself in a room (again) and had to pick the lock (again.) Remind me to kill him next I see him. Anywho, he gave me 100 gold, which made him slightly less dead to me, but ended up stealing it back plus everything I own after an unfortunate instant of me trying to test my skills as a thief on his store room. He left after that. He also left the inn to me, which he rigged to blow. 300 gold later, I have an inn. He is still insanely dead to me the lazy butt. Also, my friend Seth decided to build up the guard, since they had been the zombies we killed. We had talked openly for an hour about being thieves, but when my Mentor signed up for the guard, Seth let him join. We sorta started the mafia without even trying. Currently six of the thirteen thieves in town are a part of the guard. Meanwhile, my bookstore/black market thrives. After a while, the new people left, and I headed North with Seth and my mentor, to eradicate an evil from a fortress. We met only one trap on the road, and a rock fall caused by (shock) Seth. My mentor was able to open the giant door that led into the fortress. I shot a sleeping dark dwarf guardsmen and maneuvered past statures set to be an alarm system only to find my mentor had disappeared. Seth tried to attack the statues which just hit you once and then lay you flat, before joining me. Once in the second chamber, we found more dark dwarves, speaking nonsense, who had stolen four silver dragon eggs. We tried to get these from them to no avail, my bow was useless and the eggs were protected by magic so powerful it gave me a headache. We were teleported back home against our will. My mentor was able to save one egg. Seth tried to steal from me and got a burning face and a bloody hand for his trouble.


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